Is Buildertrend right for you?

How can we help you with your buildertrend experience?

 At Tradies Accountant, we work with you to get the most out of your Buildertrend experience and using the software to all its capabilities. We use Buildertrend and Xero to ensure the project management, accounting and compliance requirements of your business are met. Specifically, our services in Buildertrend include:

  • Matching bills to purchase orders
  • Syncing to accounting file
  • Run work in progress reports
  • Manage the accounts payable function 
  • Assist in sending remittance to clients amongst other vital solutions. 

Not sure if BuilderTrend is right for your business?

We’d love to discuss your trade businesses needs to make sure the fit is right for you.

What Is Buildertrend?

Buildertrend has been gaining recognition in the building and construction community as an effective job management solution.  Buildertrend is a construction management system designed for home builders, remodelers, specialty contractors, and general contractors. It has project programming, job management, cash flow management, client management, and repair management in one package.

As a cloud-based platform, it can be accessed online through a laptop, desktop computer or a mobile device. The Buildertrend app is available on iOS and Android devices which is useful as you can access construction project data from anywhere in the world. Buildertrend comes with pre-sale tools and an in-built client relationship management (CRM) system, bid requests and project proposals.

Project management tools include scheduling, budgeting, and timesheets. Customer management tools consist of choice management, warrant requests, and payment process. Additionally, Buildertrend integrates with accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero. Buildertrend provides every business with an associate account manager for coaching and support.

Project groups and construction professionals can also access tailor-made branding, webinars, support chat, the Buildertrend Learning Community, a 24/7 support section and Buildertrend University. Buildertrend’s costing scheme is on a monthly subscription basis. Specially tailored pricing supports every business’ requirements. The software is best suited for medium to large-sized businesses.


Once you purchase Buildertrend, the next step is learning how to use the software efficiently. Investing time in training your staff is an important step of using any new software in the business. 


A knowledgeable Buildertrend representative can teach your team tips and tricks to using the software – the time and money you invest in training will be more valuable than trying to learn the software yourself.


Buildertrend is built to integrate with all the main systems that most builders use. These include accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero. Businesses that use alternative accounting systems need to contact Buildertrend directly to discuss integration options.


With all its remarkable features, Buildertrend does not come cheap. The software is created to be used by all business sizes; however, small and developing construction businesses may not find it cost effective.

To find out more about which plan suits your business and the cost, contact Buildertrend directly on (02) 8317 1189. Buildertrend also offer demonstrations so you can preview the software before subscribing.


Buildertrend is one of the few project management software that caters for the pre-sale process which can help you to attract clients. Afterwards, you can use the bid/quote requests feature that allows you to create, evaluate, send and keep your quotes in one readily available location. Any accepted quotes can then be converted into contracts.

Additional value-adding features include the customisable estimate and proposal templates that you can adjust to suit your business’s specific needs. New client leads can be gathered from your website’s contact page as well as importing the existing ones from Excel but you can also add them straight into the Buildertrend app when you’re on the go. There is also the feature of daily logs (with pictures) where the client will be able to view the work done on a particular day so that any changes can be made early. Since this is a cloud based software, you don’t need to worry about using up memory on your devices.

A 2021 comparison of Buildertrend with other similar construction software

Popular with building professionals in residential construction, CoConstruct is used to manage the personalised home building as well as remodeling projects from the beginning until completion.

The software is supported through the iPhone app, Android app and Windows. Typical customers range from freelancers, small enterprises and medium-sized businesses. Customer support is available via calls, online platforms, knowledge bases and video tutorials.

Notable features include monitoring, document storage, real-time 

reporting, workflow management, automatic notifications, data import/export activity dashboard and activity tracking.

CoConstruct’s pricing starts at $49 which is lower than Buildertrend. This price is based on a competitive monthly subscription plus also based on the number of projects under construction per time.

It integrates well with Xero, Dropbox Business, Facebook, Google Calendar, Quickbooks Online, Microsoft Outlook, Quickbooks Online Advanced, and Microsoft Excel.

When it comes to security and privacy, CoConstruct is powered with encryption of sensitive data at rest, HTTPS for all pages and multi-factor authentication options for access control.

Procore is construction software that manages construction projects, resources and financials from the beginning of a project until completion. The majority of Procore users are medium to large contractors who benefit from the project streamlining of documentation and communication.

Procure is supported through the iPhone app, Android app and web-based usage. Support is offered through calls, online, knowledge bases and ‘how-to’ video tutorials.

Notable features include accounting integration, bid management, budgeting, business intelligence, drag and drop interface, forecasting, project notes, payroll management and quality assurance amongst others.


Procure’s plan prices start from  $375 per month. It is more expensive compared to Buildertrend but is feature-rich and can handle complicated projects plus has customer support in the price.

The integrations available for Procore include Box, FOUNDATION, Ryvit, Sage 300 Construction, QuickBooks Online Advanced, ProEst and QuickBooks Online.

For more information on Buildertrend check out this podcast talk on the benefits offered by Buildertrend. Also, there is this blog that has comparisons of Buildertrend and other construction software to help you make a decision on what will suit you and your business best.

If you require assistance with your construction business bookkeeping or any tax compliance queries, please contact us at Tradies Accountant.